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About Us

Who we are....

We are just getting started. After more than 10 months of searching the world for the very best products, our new online shop opened in October 2012. We are a couple, around 50, living in beautiful Tauranga. Having some experiences with incontinence and menstrual issues we found it very difficult to find products that were suitable and sustainable. So we searched for reliable suppliers and imported our first samples. We tested them ourselves to be 100% sure they are great. We think we have found some outstanding and helpful products - unique and yet affordable. And there will be more products soon...!


Our mission is based on three core statements: “Care – Help – Protect”

  1. We take care of our customers by understanding their needs and supplying innovative products.

  2. We help our customers to improve their lives by providing products at affordable costs.

  3. We protect our environment using products which are sustainable and produced from ecologically beneficial materials.

Core Values


Our business deals with people and their personal issues. We commit ourselves to put people first, internally and externally.


Honest and open communication. Discreet with any customer information. Reliability for our partners and suppliers. Accountable for all actions.


We listen to people. Our customerswill help to improve our products. We support ideas and new technologies. We take risks and learn from failures.


We protect our environment, not only by providing sustainable products, but also by acting as an environmentlly-friendly company.